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Assistant Residence Manager

  • Location

    Brooklyn, NY
  • Posted On

    September 8, 2022
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Job Description

Position Summary:  Assist the Residence Manager in all daily operations of the residence.  Ensure all consumer records are appropriately maintained.  Maintain communication with day programs, and other outside service providers.  Provide direct care to consumers by filling in for and role modeling for all staff.  Supervise assigned direct care staff under the direction of the Residence Manager.  Must have a working knowledge of computer systems (i.e., Outlook, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel, etc.).

Essential Accountabilities:
Ensures that all activities enhance and support each consumer’s social responsibility, independence, dignity and continued growth.
Implements goals designed to maximize each consumers level of independence, as determined by the IDT, including but not limited to:
nutritional planning
use of public transportation
use of community resources
Assists Residence Manager in coordinating all daily operations of the facility.
Supervises direct care counselors in the performance of all day-to-day responsibilities.  Train new staff as assigned via role modeling and assigning working partners.
Responsible for implementation of all policies, procedures and programs of the facility and PSCH in accordance with OPWDD regulations and guidelines.
Assists the Residence Manager in maintaining staff records, including supervision notes and evaluations for assigned employees.

Also responsible to update and maintain consumer records in Avatar, including but not limited to completion of the daily census, EMAR (electronic medication administration record), data collection, etc. especially when the manager is not available; ex. On vacation.
Assist the Residence Manager in maintaining consumers’ files, including monitoring and recording consumers’ progress on daily checklists, any behavior contracts, quarterly summaries, monthly goal forms and progress notes, family contact log, monthly and daily recreation reports, clothing and personal effects inventory.
Performs aspects of QPWDP role as delegated by Residence Manager i.e., data review and goal writing.
Actively participate as a member of the IDT including annual, semi-annual, special team meetings and case conferences.
Assist in the preparation of payroll and petty cash on a bi-weekly basis.
Reviews incidents and assists the Residence Manager in conducting appropriate investigations and appropriate follow-ups.
Be available on call for emergencies, in rotation with the Residence Manager.
Oversee the coordination of recreational activities.
Must be able to climb and descend interior and exterior stairs and ambulate up and down exterior fire escapes.
10.   Must be able to physically intervene with the consumer when individual may cause physical injury to self or others; assist consumer in responding to potential dangerous situations (i.e. hand on hot stove; running into traffic) able to administer emergency first aid to consumer.

Communicates with residences and/or families regarding progress, incidents, etc. Act as a liaison for all community contacts and program staff.
Participates in all meetings and trainings at various locations that require following different route of travel to worksite.
Must successfully complete and perform all techniques required in AMAP, SCIP, CRP, and First Aid.
Maintains confidentiality at all times.
Work schedules and location are subject to change based on consumer/program need.
Other duties as requested.

Qualifications: Valid NYS driver’s license, Bachelor’s degree in Social Services or related field preferred.  Experience in a supervisory position and/or experience working with DD populations.

How to Apply

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When applying, mention you saw this opening listed on Disability Scoop.