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VersAbility Resources

Assistant Program Manager- Ship Provisioning

  • Location

    Norfolk, VA
  • Posted On

    April 1, 2022
  • Job Type

  • Category

    Nonprofit Administration
  • Experience Level

    2-5 Years
  • Education Level

    Bachelor's Degree
  • Salary


Job Description

Position Purpose:

The Assistant Program Manager – Ship Provisioning Government Contracts is responsible for ensuring the provision of services in accordance with the Statement of Work incorporated into the Ship Provisioning contract between VersAbility Resources and the US Government. The Assistant Program Manager is responsible for assisting the Program Manager in ensuring uniform support is being provided by VersAbility Resources and all subcontractors of VersAbility Resources to load, stow, and offload subsistence, supplies and parts on-board and off-board U.S. Government ships located at various DoD and Commercial ports in the Groton, CT; Norfolk, VA; Mayport, FL; San Diego, CA; Puget Sound Area, WA; Hawaii, Guam and Kings Bay GA as identified in individual Task Orders. This has been identified as a Quality-of-Life project for the United States Navy.

Primary Responsibilities:

Assist Program Manager with the oversight of a government contract with multiple locations and/or oversight of multiple subcontracting organizations.
Assist Program Manager in coordinating uniform support for the government customer with VersAbility subcontractors at each location.
Responsible for conducting site meetings with all subcontractors, Source America staff, and government representatives (COR/ACOR) as required by the Program Manager.
Assist Program Manager in administering a Quality Control Plan for the Ship Provisioning contract.
Assist Program Manager in the monitoring and documenting of contract performance to ensure all contract requirements are being met.
Assist in the responsibility for providing quality customer service and the overall success of the Ship Provisioning contract.
Responsible for representing the organization to multiple outside agencies (ex. Federal, State, Local) with an increased level of autonomy based on geographic location.
Responsible for assisting each FSO/AFSO with security issues (CAC, DBIDS etc.) at each location as required.
Responsible for meeting Ability-One requirements and ensuring all OSHA standards are met or exceeded.
Responsible for ensuring the operation of equipment in done in a safe and efficient manner and for using products and materials in a safe and efficient manner.
Responsible for ensuring the maintenance of a Materials Safety Data Sheet binder with current information. This information must be maintained in a central location and reviewed with employees.
Responsible for ensuring a safe work environment is being provided at all locations, conducting monthly safety meetings and producing appropriate safety communication both in writing and orally.
Responsible for assisting in obtaining/maintaining highly valued supplies and equipment necessary to perform all duties.
Responsible for acting as the second point of contact for handling government complaints, assisting the Program Manager with the performance of the Ship Provisioning contract.
Responsible for ensuring all subcontractors perform their duties according to contract specifications.
Assist in ensuring all subcontractors are adhering to the Contract Data reporting requirement IAW the PWS.
Responsible for reviewing training at each location on the safe, effective, and efficient use of materials and equipment. Training shall be the responsibility of each organization and this position will only provide oversight and guidance.
Responsible for promoting and maintaining positive lines of communication with various Government personnel while performing job duties.
Responsible for adhering to all policies and procedures as set forth by VersAbility Resources and the U.S. Government.
Provides guidance and assists Government Contract managers when needed.
Acts as the Program Manager in their absence.
Other duties and tasks as assigned

Qualifications/Skills & Knowledge Requirements

Education: Bachelor’s Degree

Experience: Three years supervisory experience required, in a commercial business preferred.
Experience in warehousing and inventory support procedures and NAVSUP instructions relating to stock material processing procedures preferred.
Experience working with people with disabilities highly desirable and strongly preferred.

Skills Knowledge & Abilities:

Must be knowledgeable of the Shipboard Naval Supply System and Afloat supply procedures as they apply to the shipboard material receiving and inventory management operation or similar receiving and inventory management activities.
Must be able to board Naval ships and navigate through ship passageways.
Must have the knowledge of the procedures involves in maintaining the operation as per government requirements delineated in the contract.
Must be able to work with minimal error under the stress of time constraints to complete specific tasks.
Must be able to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.
Must be able to read, write and speak English.
Must be able to obtain and retain a secret clearance.


Work will be performed in a variety of locations that will contain multiple people performing various tasks.
Work will at times be performed on a Government Installation. As a result, the employee must be able to pass the background security check performed by the Government.
Occasionally work will be performed on board Naval ships; to include large ships, small ships and submarines.
Work is sedentary in nature, however, there will be some walking, standing, bending, carrying of light items such as papers, books, laptop, small parts, driving an automobile, etc.
Employee will be visiting/working on an installation that provides a service to military personnel and other personnel.
Will be required to travel out of state to conduct oversight functions for this contract.
No special demands are required to perform this work.

Competencies: To perform the job successfully, an individual should demonstrate the following competencies to perform the essential functions of this position.

Accountability: Exhibits a willingness to accept responsibility and be held accountable for actions.
Achievement Orientation: Exhibits a drive to accomplish goals and to meet or exceed a higher standard of success. Often wants to do things better or more efficiently than they have been done in the past.
Adaptability: Exhibits the ability to change (or the willingness to be changed) to fit changing circumstances. For leaders, exhibits the characteristics of an agent of change when circumstances call for it.
Building Alliances: Works to build a culture of helping others, offers help, expresses appreciation when others are doing a great job. Praises people publicly- wherever they work in the organization.
Change Management: Willing and cooperative when change is called for. If a leader, is a proponent of change management promoting it to the team. Prepares, equips, and supports the team to make change successful.
Collaboration: Works to produce mutually beneficial outcomes. Promotes collaborative work situations.
Communication: Communicates effectively in all forms.
Conceptual Thinking and Processing: Understands a problem or situation by identifying patterns or connections and then addressing key underlying issues.
Conflict Management: Fosters an atmosphere where substantial conflicts and disagreements are brought into the open and promotes consensus-building while keeping the best interests of the organization in mind.
Correcting Others: Able to confront controversial or difficult issues in an objective manner; able to have non-emotional discussions about disciplinary matters.
Customer Focus: Knows the (internal and external) customer business needs and gives high priority to customer satisfaction and customer service.
Decision-Making: Makes timely decisions while exhibiting judgment and a realistic understanding of the issues; ability to use reason, even when dealing with emotional topics. Drawing correct and realistic conclusions.
Developing Others: Selects and retains a superior workforce within an environment that values diversity and respects individuality. Promotes continuous learning and the development of self and others to achieve maximum potential. Gives and seeks open, authentic, and timely feedback.
Diversity: Supports and promotes an environment that holds opportunities for all, regardless of race, gender, culture, religious preference, and age. Recognizes and values the benefits in the diversity of people, ideas, and cultures. Encourages differences to enhance group productivity.
Effective Communication: Creates an atmosphere in which timely and high-quality information flows smoothly up and down, inside and outside the organization; encourages open expression of ideas and opinions.
Ethics and Integrity: Exhibits uncompromising integrity and commitment to the organization’s values, human resources principles and business conduct policies; builds trust and instills self-confidence through mutually respectful, ongoing communication.
Flexibility: Able to readily modify, respond to, and integrate change with minimal personal resistance.
Influence: Asserts own ideas and persuades others, gaining support and commitment from others; mobilizes people to act, using creative approaches to motivate others to meet organizational goals.
Information Development and Management Ability: Ability to effectively delegate tasks and responsibilities and follows-up to measure performance and effectiveness. Takes information, interprets it and formulates plans of action accordingly.
Initiative: Willing to do more than is required and expected in the job. Goes beyond expectations in the assignment, task, or job description without being asked.
Inspiring Others: Positively affects the behavior of others, motivating them to achieve personal satisfaction and high-performance through a sense of purpose and a spirit of cooperation; leads by example.
Intellectual Capacity: Assimilates and synthesizes information rapidly, recognizes the complexity in issues, challenges assumptions and faces up to reality. Capable of handling multiple, complex, and paradoxical situations; communicates clearly, concisely and with appropriate simplicity.
Interpersonal Understanding: Showing interest in other people’s feelings, attitudes, and reasoning. Establishing productive, cooperative relationships with subordinates, peers, and management. Understands and responds to others’ needs and priorities. Resolves conflict in positive ways.
Knowledge: Mastery of the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM) and COMSEC.
Leadership: Achieving results through people by successful objective setting, performance review, motivation, delegation, team building, commitment gains, and empowerment.
Objectiveness: Ability to conduct investigations objectively and professionally regarding sensitive issues and provide disciplinary guidance as needed.
Organization: Sets priorities and defines actions, time and resources needed to achieve predefined goals.
Organizational Awareness: Having and using knowledge of systems, situations, procedures, and culture inside the organization to identify potential problems and opportunities; perceiving the impact and the implications of decisions on other components of the organization.
People Development: Having the ability to understand the needs, interests, strengths, and weaknesses of others, and to utilize this information for contributing to the growth and development of others. Gives and seeks open and authentic feedback.
Quality: Produces results or provides services that meets or exceeds company standards.
Reliability: Demonstrates a high level of dependability in all aspects of the job.
Systems Thinking: Setting priorities and defining actions, time and resources needed to achieve predefined goals.

Certifications: None

How to Apply—Ship-Provisioning

When applying, mention you saw this opening listed on Disability Scoop.