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Mend Coffee

Shift Lead

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    Atlanta, GA
  • Posted On

    March 15, 2024
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Job Description

Mend Coffee and Goods is an accessibility-first coffee shop, retail concept, and community hub offering belonging and belovedness to people of all abilities in thoughtfully designed spaces for gathering, working, and celebrating.

Mend Coffee, LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hope Heals, Inc. a 501(c)(3) faith-based non-profit corporation.

Mend/Hope Heals may be used interchangeably. However, Mend Coffee, LLC is the legal employment entity.


Mend Coffee and Goods will provide a high-end coffee experience in the setting of an integrated employment model, meaning the team will be composed of both employees affected by disability and typically abled employees; and Mend anticipates and will seek an ability-diverse customer base. In the spirit of line blurring, Mend’s mission, along with employing people with disabilities alongside those who are typically abled, is to create a paragon of accessibility in the physical coffee shop space, thus inviting and dignifying both customers with disabilities and those who are typically abled. Mend Coffee will be a destination for those of all abilities seeking great coffee, mission-driven retail, and a community hub of belonging and belovedness.

Mend will utilize Bellwood Coffee as our roasting partner, The Buttery as a wholesale partner for freshly-baked goods and pastries, and will provide house made healthy and indulgent small meals for our customers. Mend Coffee and Goods will have a robust retail component stocked with mission-driven gifts and goods that responsibly support under-represented makers. Mend’s retail will offer its customer a reliable place to find the perfect responsibly sourced gifts, hope-filled care packages and gift boxes, and a variety of thoughtfully curated goods.


Position Title:  Shift Lead

Location:  Buckhead area of Atlanta, GA

Working Hours: Monday- Saturday 6 am- 5 pm (Closed on Sunday)

Company:   Mend Coffee, LLC

Classification:  Part-Time

Salary: $15/hour

Job Purpose: The Shift Leader assumes responsibility for facilitating and aiding the daily operations of Mend Coffee, provides support to the General Manager throughout their assigned shift, and acts as an advocate and support to an ability-diverse team. The Shift Lead would be operating under the guidance of the General Manager. One of the Shift Lead’s most pivotal roles involves ensuring a seamless and proficient shift in accordance with Mend’s operational criteria and values.

Ideal Candidate: Mend Coffee will have an integrated employment model, meaning the team will be composed of employees affected by disability and typically abled employees, which will create unique opportunities and requirements for leadership positions at Mend. The ideal Shift Lead candidate is a proactive, supportive, and patient leader, who is proficient in guiding a diverse team while maintaining operational efficiency. This person will excel at fostering a positive and dignifying work environment, supporting the General Manager during shifts, and ensuring smooth operations aligned with Mend’s standards.

General Shift Lead Responsibilities:

Provide excellent customer service and outstanding hospitality to all vendors, suppliers, teammates, and all guests, which will include an ability-diverse customer base while implementing Mend’s values.
Foster and help to lead in creating a work environment that is safe, inclusive, dignifying, and respectful; recognizing and accommodating Mend’s ability-diverse team to ensure each team member can contribute meaningfully and effectively. Strive to understand a team member’s unique abilities and limitations while appropriately advocating for them so that they may thrive in their assigned role or task.
Encourage the team and lead by example in maintaining a tidy and organized workspace by implementing a “mise en place” (aka “everything in its place”) practice. Ensuring restaurant cleanliness of all service areas, the retail space, all interior and exterior areas, and the restrooms.
Collaboratively contribute to Mend’s operations by taking pride in tasks that enhance its efficiency, customer service experience, and ambiance. This may include, but is not limited to meeting and greeting customers, cleaning, stocking, organizing, and maintaining employee’s assigned area, service areas, and the retail area. Within Mend’s integrated work environment expect to practice flexibility in task allocation based on individual team member’s strengths and limitations. All tasks will be assigned based on appropriate provisions, qualifications, and experience.
Enthusiastically advocate for and support the professional success of all team members within Mend’s integrated work environment.
Coordinate the operations necessary to execute excellent coffee, food, and retail  service during scheduled shifts and support the General Manager in this effort.
Assign counting and storing cash drawer funds to appropriate team members, as is necessary, at the end of each shift.
Thoughtfully support and guide team members as is uniquely appropriate to each employee to encourage excellence within their assigned tasks or role, which may include retail, kitchen, bar, floater, concierge, or greeter responsibilities.
Collaborate with the General Manager to supervise inventory control in the retail area and ensure both the cafe, service areas, restrooms, and retail area are properly stocked for the shift/day.
Respond to customer queries and complaints.
Be a resource to employees of all abilities regarding questions, assistance, and problem-solving.
Maintain high standards of quality control, and prioritize a safe and healthy work environment in all areas by following organization standards and sanitation regulations.
Ensure restrooms are completely stocked and thoroughly cleaned regularly.

Bar Responsibilities: 

Crafts and serves a variety of exquisite beverages, by following prescribed recipes and preparation techniques, and while utilizing diverse brewing and preparation methods.
Promotes Mend customer coffee consumption by preparing and serving a variety of coffee drinks and speciality drinks, along with pastries and baked goods. Enhances coffee shop reputation by accepting ownership for accomplishing new and different requests.
Maintains a safe and healthy work environment by following organizational standards and sanitation regulations.
Maintains inventories by replenishing pastries and baked goods, coffee bean supply, stocking coffee brewing equipment, and maintaining supplies for the coffee bar.
Keeps equipment operating by following operating instructions, troubleshooting breakdowns, and maintaining supplies.
Regularly and hygienically samples Mend’s beverages to ensure quality and consistency.
Comfortable processing orders and managing financial transactions, with accommodations available as needed to support various abilities for customer and employee.
Facilitate Mend’s retail program through restocking shelves, tidying the retail area, processing sales transactions, and packaging customer orders as is needed or appropriate.

Back of House Responsibilities:

Ensures that the kitchen is continually stocked during the shift/day.
Accurately and efficiently prepares catering orders.
Bake, heat, and prepare food items as is needed or when appropriate.
Assists with and encourages BOH staff to maintain high standards of quality control, hygiene, cleanliness, and following Mend operational procedures to promote health and safety in all areas of the kitchen.
Completes cleaning, safety, and all other appropriate operational checklists.
Supports BOH staff as is needed or instructed by the General Manager.


Displays flexibility in assisting other roles, as is needed, outside of assigned roles or tasks.
Committed to excellent customer-service.
Must excel in compassionate and encouraging coaching and teambuilding.
Proficient at multitasking.
Motivates and encourages others to follow the visions and values of Mend.
Exhibits adaptability, tenacity, positivity, and dependability; pursues self-development, is self-motivation, and is team and service-oriented all while helping to lead the team in providing quality service in a dynamic cafe and retail setting.
Dedication to ensuring accurate orders, secure handling of payments, and maintaining cleanliness in all areas of Mend.
Commitment to effective and mutually accessible communication, teachability, and a patient attitude; thereby, ensuring a positive and dignifying experience for all customers and employees. Appropriate Mend role related skills and disability etiquette and competency will be provided upon employee training.
Will not exhibit or engage in any behaviors that could be harmful in any way to oneself or others in the workplace.
Eagerness to work collaboratively in an ability-diverse team environment and being committed to inclusivity, compassion, and peer-support/advocacy while serving customers of all backgrounds and abilities.
Eligible to work in the United States and 18 years of age or older
*Mend’s leadership will strive to provide, as is reasonable and feasible, essential conditions and accommodations to support each individual’s limitations or unique needs, as the need is known and clarified; for accomplishing work responsibilities and tasks.

Perks & Incentives: 

20% discount on retail items
Complimentary drink and baked good during shifts
30% discount on food and beverages during non-working hours

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