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Executive Director

  • Location

    Culver City, CA
  • Posted On

    April 13, 2022
  • Job Type

  • Category

    Nonprofit Administration
  • Experience Level

    5-10 Years
  • Education Level

    Master's Degree
  • Salary

    Not Specified

Job Description

L.A. GOAL, a Los Angeles based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization is seeking a qualified visionary leader for planned transition into Executive Director role.

Supervisor: Board of Directors

Non-profit background:

By way of an ever-expanding array of educational, vocational and recreational program offerings; we commit to:

a) providing adults with Developmental Disabilities/ Intellectual Disabilities (DD/ID) opportunities to increase their independence and employability (i.e., our Members, as in “family members” because we operate like a family),

b) promoting a supportive and loving environment that accentuates the abilities of our Members,

c) helping our Members and their circles of support be aware of life options and make informed decisions,

d) assuring that the principles of DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging) are followed in relationships with the Board of Directors, staff, Members, caregivers, and the Community.

·      We champion the creative arts.

·      We have an operational track record spanning over half a century.

·      We are a long-standing recipient of GuideStar’s Platinum Seal of Transparency.

Why we exist:

To partner with adults with developmental disabilities so they can live rich, fulfilling lives and be integrated within society. We continuously strive to understand our Members’ needs, how they evolve over time, and how they are affected by shifting societal dynamics and inequalities. Our goal is to create more opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities to thrive across all aspects of life, have meaningful relationships, and feel a sense of belonging within society. We help the public go beyond ability or disability to see and honor the core being of our members and ourselves.

What we value:

Interdependence–we build an environment where people know they can rely on each other. Interdependence helps people feel supported and included.

Growth–we look for opportunities to cultivate ourselves and our Members. We look for better ways to teach and support our Members as they grow.

Learning–we are all curious and welcome the opportunities to help our Members learn more about the world and themselves.

Community – our Members, their support networks and staff are like a family. We foster interpersonal connection and create a warm environment where people can be themselves.

Inclusion – all perspectives and people are welcome. We unconditionally honor and respect people and see each person for who they are—not based on ability or disability. We aim to be the example for true equity within society.

Our Personality:

Dynamic, holistic, robust, welcoming, caring, warm, casual, candid, playful, humorous, nurturing

What we strive to achieve:

We envision a world in which all adults with developmental disabilities receive the support and training needed to live more fulfilling lives. We strive to create a more open society, free from societal barriers and stigmas, where all our qualities are respected, and people with developmental disabilities can enjoy full inclusion in their communities.

Primary functions and essential responsibilities:

Member Related

–   Prioritize, listen to, and place the physical, mental and emotional needs of the Members who are at the forefront of all decisions and policy making.

–   Provide equitable access to services and resources for all Members, regardless of race, economic status, gender, religion, age and disability.

–   Screen, interview, and select potential clients/members with DD/ID for our programming.

–   Provide ongoing written progress and attendance reports to agencies who have vendorized clients in our program.

–   Supervise and manage incident reporting protocol, including oversight of response in cases of emergency situations, as well as ensure timely reporting and retention of necessary documentation.

Management / Board Related

–   Hire, train, supervise and evaluate staff.

–   Lead efforts to coordinate programming operations and activities in a manner consistent with the Members’ needs/requests and the requirements of contractual agreements, laws, regulations, and funding directives.

–   Supervise operations of the organization, including programming offerings made available to Members, through a staff of specially trained personnel and in accordance with established policies, standards, procedures and the agency’s contractual obligations to the satisfaction of the Board of Directors and various funding organizations.

–   Maintain existing clear-cut lines of authority and channels of communication, and delegate authority and responsibility for the execution of the program’s activities accordingly.

–   Uphold operating and administrative policies and procedures that ensure efficient program operation and compliance with all contractual terms, conditions, and obligations.

–   Generate enthusiasm amongst and promote cooperation with the Board of Directors, established committees, the staff, and volunteers; including, but not limited to:  presiding at various meetings of staff personnel and special committees to obtain guidance, provide leadership, and coordinate the activities of these groups to the best interest of the program Members.

–   Innovate, create, and lead strategic efforts/planning to ensure the organization remains adaptive and sustainable.

–   Provide staff support to the Board of Directors as necessary for the conduct of its responsibilities, including preparation of recommendations for policies necessary for the efficient administration of the organization.

–   Carry out all policies and decisions of the Board of Directors.

–   Represents the Board of Directors, its policies and decisions to the staff and the community.

Fiscal Management/Financial Related

–   Direct the development of the Agency’s financial plans and budgets including operating costs, extraordinary expenditures, and assure the submission of monthly financial statements and annual budgets to the Board of Directors.

–   Administer funds in accordance with the approved budget; and approve expenditures in accordance with delegated authority.

–   In partnership with the Development Director, develop and assure the implementation of ongoing fundraising campaigns in conjunction with the Fundraising Committee of the Board of Directors.

–   Participate and contribute to all grant writing efforts, as well as efforts to solicit funds from private foundations, corporations, and other potential donors.

–   Conduct financial negotiations with funding sources, contractors and vendors.

–   In conjunction with Board of Directors oversight and approval, assure equitable administration of personnel policies, wage and salary policies and structures, employee benefit plans, and personnel rating programs. Assure fair and equitable employment practices.

–   Maintain and uphold the integrity of existing internal and external financial controls and reporting systems (inclusive of the design, implementation, and maintenance of an adequate control environment for financial reporting purposes, as well as to safeguard all assets of the organization in general).

–   Manage and oversee all matters related to the Annual Financial Audit performed by Independent Auditors.

Community Functions

–   Publicly represent the organization within the local and broader community, as well as lead efforts to effectively communicate, implement, and uphold the established mission, vision and values.

–   Continue to build, expand, and work collaboratively with our supporting network of partnerships and community service providers for the benefit of our Members.

–   Bolster new strategic relationships and partnerships with reputable third parties across the broader creative arts and medical communities, primarily those within California.

–   Maintain and expand relationships with representatives of government, with vendors, and with the public as warranted, acting at all times as the principal public information officer.

Knowledge, Skills and Commensurate Experience Desired

A.   Education

1.     Master’s degree from an accredited college or university. Major in any of the following disciplines preferred:

a.     Public Administration

b.     Health

c.     Human Services

d.     Education

e.     Educational Administration

f.      Business Administration

g.     Management

B.    Experience, Knowledge and Skill Mastery

1.     Minimum 5 years of progressively more responsible management experience in a social service program, with a track record of operational excellence.

2.     Knowledge and significant experience in the field of Developmental Disabilities/Intellectual Disabilities, its unique issues and challenges, including, relevant experience / background in behavioral, pharmacology, medical (i.e., pediatric, geriatric, neurology). Knowledge regarding governmental benefits for this community, such as Medicare & Medi Cal, SSI & SDI benefits.

3.     Demonstrate leadership, knowledge, and skills to lead a non-profit organization chartered under California state law and to adhere to all relevant laws and regulations.

4.     Demonstrate knowledge and experience in effective communication both oral and written including public speaking with diverse audiences; including being accessible, open and forthright.

5.     Demonstrate knowledge and experience of effective writing skills specific to grant writing, most notably Federal/State grant writing experience and “know-how”.

6.     Demonstrate knowledge and experience in the principles and methods of organization, management and financial management including budget development and possess experience creating and managing staffing plans.

7.     Experience interfacing effectively with a Board of Directors and its committees.

How to Apply

Apply by sending your

·      cover letter

·      resume

·      salary history


When applying, mention you saw this opening listed on Disability Scoop.