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Conditt Psychological Services

Occupational Therapist

  • Location

    Cedar Falls, IA
  • Posted On

    August 1, 2017
  • Job Type

  • Category

    Occupational Therapy
  • Experience Level

    2-5 Years
  • Education Level

    Master's Degree
  • Salary

    Commensurate with Experience

Job Description

Position: Occupational Therapist
To Apply: Please submit resume or CV: Dr. Paul Conditt-
For questions on this position: Please contact Dr. Paul Conditt via email or phone 319-277-1020

Position: Clinic Based: Occupational Therapist and Coordinator
Requirements for position: • Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy and currently have certification or desire to pursue certification in Pediatrics and SI
• Currently licensed or registered as an occupational therapist by the state in which practicing and eligible for licensure in the state of Iowa.
• Ability to practice unencumbered within state and federal guidelines
• Educational and Professional experience in assessment/evaluation & treatment of children with Neuro-developmental conditions (emphasis on Autism Spectrum Disorder and related conditions)
• Strong assessment and intervention/observation skills, as well as good written and verbal communication skills.
• Collaboration experience with multi-disciplinary team members
• Uses play and success in treatment
• Makes parent/caregiver education an integral part of treatment program
Preferred • Experience and/or willingness to gain training in the area of DIR/Floortime
• Experience in Clinic Based setting
• Experience collaborating with mental health teams
• Provides written goals for treatment and documents progress
• Uses purposeful sensory processing treatment to work on ‘occupations’ such as: eating, dressing, playing with others, social participation, self-regulation and self-esteem
• Experience assessing and developing treatment plans for children, adolescents and young adults with sensory processing needs:
Children with special needs have a variety of biological challenges that impede their ability to function in the world. Although there are many ways to describe these biological challenges, for the purpose of considering how they influence development it is useful to divide them into three types.
1. Difficulty with sensory reactivity. The child may have difficulty with modulating information received from the world through his senses of vision, hearing, touch, smell, taste, and body awareness (i.e., the child may be under- or overreactive, or a combination).
2. Processing difficulty. The child may have difficulty making sense of the sensory data she receives. For example, a child’s hearing may be keen but he may not be able to distinguish sounds in the foreground from sounds in the background.
3. Difficulty with motor planning and sequencing. The child may have trouble making his body move the way he wants, and difficulty planning and executing responses to information he has taken in. For example, a child may be interested in cars but may only be able to put them in a line rather than play out a purposeful sequence where the cars drive along the road and park at the store.
Each type of challenge makes it difficult for the child to relate to and communicate with his parents and caregivers and thus impedes his ability to learn, to respond, and to grow. Therefore, to help a child progress, we must understand how he functions in each of these areas. Once we have pinpointed his specific challenges, we can begin to design treatment programs to ameliorate them. Even more important, we can help parents and caregivers learn how to work around these challenges to help the child learn, relate, and grow.
(Excerpt taken from, 2008.)

Position Responsibilities: Conditt Psychological Services is developing an exciting new program entitled “The Sensational Place”(see our Facebook page where mental health providers, other therapists and occupational therapy professionals work together via a sensory processing lens to view behaviors associated with presenting mental health concerns.
Candidate for the OT Services Coordinator position will have a unique leadership opportunity to collaborate with the Conditt Psychological Services team to continue to develop and establish:
1.Sensory Rooms and sensory processing therapeutic spaces in mental health setting to promote
-Facilitate the therapeutic alliance
-Provide opportunities for engagement in prevention and crisis de-escalation strategies, as well as a host of other therapeutic exchanges (to teach skills, offer a variety of therapeutic activities, etc.)
-Promote self-care/self-nurturance, resilience & recovery
-Community Support and Engagement
2. Developing and implementing new program/techniques to enhance occupational therapy services (emphasis on collaboration with DIR therapists, families, etc)
3. Recruit and Supervise OT team members
4. Develop and provide family, client and community training
5. Exhibits courtesy, compassion, and respect to young people, families/caregivers, visitor

How to Apply

Contact Dr. Paul M. Conditt (or his office) at or 319-277-1020.

When applying, mention you saw this opening listed on Disability Scoop.