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Holland Deacons' Conference
Holland, Michigan
January 20, 2017
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I. Qualifications:

1. A follower of Jesus Christ
2. A confessing member of a Christian church/fellowship
3. Not less than eighteen years of age
4. Experience that Is related to the direct care of residents or a program of study from an accredited college relevant to our program statement and admission policy
5. Ability to complete required reports and follow written and oral instructions that are related to the care and supervision of residents.
6. Ability to support the physical, emotional, intellectual, social, and spiritual needs of residents
7. Possess a valid state driver's license
8. Proof of Negative TB skin test (every 3 years)
9. Physicians statement of health (annual)
10. Pass a criminal records clearance
11. Capable of appropriately handling emergency situations
12. Capable of assuring program planning, development, and implementation of services to residents consistent with the home's program statement and In accordance with the resident's person centered plan

Competency in the following areas:
1. Reporting requirements
2. First aid
3. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation
4. Resident/recipient rights
5. Safety and fire prevention
6. Prevention and containment of communicable diseases
7. Nutrition
8. Knowledge of the needs of the men & women we serve
9. Knowledge of State Licensing requirements for adult foster care homes in Michigan
10. Financial and administrative management skills

II. General Responsibilities:

1. Provides direct support for six men or women with developmental disabilities in a Christian living environment that supports each person's optimal personal growth.
2. Demonstrates and ensures that all residents are treated with respect during daily activities, meals, personal hygiene, medication dispensing, educational or job-related activities.

Ill. Specific Responsibilities:

1. Supervises residents in personal hygiene, diet, attire, household chores and daily schedules.
2. Dispenses medication to residents as prescribed
3. Continues ongoing objectives of teaching residents independent living skills, self-care skills and decision-making skills
4. Monitors interactions between residents and intervenes as needed
5. Encourages residents to conduct themselves in an age-appropriate manner at home and in the community
6. Monitors residents coming to and leaving from the home
7. Provides care according to the residents' Individual Assessment Plan and care agreement
8. Will be on location at all times when the residents are home (residents may not be left unsupervised in the home)
9. Interacts with the residents in activities as time allows
10. Provides opportunities for spiritual reflection or daily devotions
11. Monitors the chores of the residents; provide support or guidance if needed for daily cleaning.
12. Encourages participation In weekly worship services
13. Provides minor medical aid, arranges for medical care if an emergency arises

IV. Professional Development:

1. Adheres to professional standards of confidentiality at all times; protects the rights of residents receiving services through the Holland Deacons’ Conference.
2. Maintains and models high standards of Christian conduct and practice
3. Opportunities for skill development in job-related areas; require 16 credit hours annually.

How to Apply:
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